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The PPTT, LLC opportunity consists of our integrated approach to day trading, which brings together like-minded individuals dedicated to increasing their prospects for successful trading, so that they may potentially achieve personal financial objectives.


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Rebecca Paa Corpuz is the owner and founder of Picture Perfect Trend Trading, LLC. For the past 20 years, she has traded Stocks, Forex, and Futures. 


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PPTT's owner and founder will be providing weekly training to ensure traders have a working knowledge of the Market Indexes and Commodity industry. Her tenured experience allows traders to rely on her expertise to guide them to success.


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Member Testimonials -- New For 2024

Matet B.

Rebecca continuously inspires me. She helped me gain my self-confidence when I had self-doubt. She is an amazing coach with a great trading plan and system that makes you profitable if you comply.

Geraldine L., Bullhead City, AZ

Rebecca had been a blessing to me and my trading family. I am a novice trader and I would say that trading is the most challenging endeavor I have ever had to take. I know with certainty that without her guidance, I would have given up already. I am investing a lot of time and energy learning her system (which I enjoy doing) which I am gradually understanding, and whenever I engage in a trade, trusting her system, I have a high success rate. I can confidently say that I will succeed as a trader as long as I follow her system. Thank you so much Rebecca for sharing to me this life-changing opportunity!

M.A. Barreno, California

The first thing that comes to mind is gratitude when I think of Rebecca Corpuz, developer of the futures trading system “Picture Perfect Trend Trading”. She is my personal coach and mentor.  I feel truly blessed to have met her and I thank God every day for her. As a coach, she identifies my weaknesses, and my strengths and guides me to discover my signature trades using her system. She knows her system inside out and clearly explains it in simple terms and with conviction. She motivates and inspires all her students to always remember the reason why we are trading, the why, what, how, and when of entering a trade, to follow the rules, and best of all, how to control our emotions while trading. She has tremendous patience and always has time for a quick tutorial or chat. Furthermore, as a developer, she is relentless in improving her trading system for our sake and never gives up on us.

Rebecca is not only a remarkable coach but she has become my friend who has a big heart and whose love, care, and compassion inspires me to become a master trader.

You have to experience it to believe it. Come join our family in the trading room.

Murlisa Lindsey,  Tennesee

Wow, I can’t believe it will be 2 years in March of 2024 that I joined Picture Perfect Trend Trading with Rebecca Corpuz.  Newbie to the trading world.  When I first started the program, I asked myself what am I getting myself into…LOL.  All the different charts and terminology, I didn’t think this would really be for me.  As time has passed Rebecca’s professional training, patience and program are absolutely AWESOME!  Rebecca spends multiple days and hours helping her students become the best Master Traders on the planet.  She is an Energizer Bunny; I need her energy just to keep up…LOL.  Our Picture-Perfect Family is always there to help each other.  This has become my new Family, and I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Trading has been a challenge for me, especially with working a very demanding full-time job.   Rebecca calls me her Turtle, but I’m proud to say that all her patience, skills, and guidance have help me learn more about myself.  I didn’t think I would ever understand how to read the charts or pass any evaluations or funded accounts.  I’ve been able to pass several funded accounts and put together a business plan for my future, thanks to Rebecca! Looking forward to an early retirement.  This is definitely a life-changing opportunity that’s changing lives every day within our PPTT family.  Picture Perfect Trend Trading is a hidden gem, that I’m glad was introduced to me.  No matter how long it takes, I will never quit or give up on my dreams.  QUOTE: (CHAMPIONS KEEP PLAYING UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT!)


Thank you, Rebecca, for all you do and really caring for your Master Traders' Success.   GOD BLESS YOU, MY FOREVER SUNSHNE!! ❤️🐢

Terry Harris, Texas

I am a PPTT Master Trader today. However, when I came to PPTT, I was a failed trader and had nearly lost my will to trade. When I became a student at PPTT, I asked Rebecca if I could count on her for two things; don't sell me a dream but show me a path and a second thing I wanted help with was becoming a structured trader.
Today, after eighteen months, with Rebecca's trading system and her coaching, I am a well-established professional trader who has passed evaluation combines for three different prop firms and I have maintained paid accounts for more than five months. My trading stance goes far beyond achieving goals, but I trade with purpose, now being focused on flawless execution and consistent results. I add, on average, 20% to my paid account balances every month. I do not doubt that I will become a 7-figure trader in my trading career, and I owe this to Rebecca. She is so much more than an excellent trader, a coach, a trading program developer, or even a business owner; Rebecca is the glue that locks together my discipline with her trading system. I thank God for her every day and if you become a PPTT student, you will too!

Ethen Cheung, California

As a futures day trader at Picture Perfect Trend Trading, my journey over the past two years has been transformative, both professionally and personally. Prior to joining the team, I viewed trading through a purely technical lens, but my experience here has reshaped that perspective significantly.
I want to express my deepest gratitude to Rebecca for her invaluable mentorship. Her guidance in developing a sound, repeatable trading plan has been a cornerstone of my success. More importantly, Rebecca's emphasis on emotional intelligence and psychological development in trading was a game-changer for me. These were areas I had never fully appreciated, and mastering them has not only improved my trading skills but also enriched my personal growth.
Equally vital to my journey was the technical support from Liz. Her assistance is not just professional; it's personal, responsive, and incredibly efficient. This level of support has been crucial in navigating the often complex and fast-paced world of futures trading.
Overall, my experience at Picture Perfect Trend Trading has been nothing short of transformative. It has honed my skills as an astute trader and equipped me with a unique blend of emotional intelligence, psychological insight, and technical acumen. I look forward to continuing my growth and becoming the inevitable millionaire trader!

D. Ney

Rebecca is one of a kind. I was introduced to Rebecca six months ago. Unbeknownst to me, she would become not only my trading coach, but also mentor and confidant.
Her honesty and sharing of her triumphs and failures gives hope and results to the student who studies , works hard , and perseveres.
She has met me on days I was exasperated, and with her humor, empathy, and ability to take a negative and turn it into a positive, she has kept me energized and excited for the next trading day.
There is no one more dedicated and committed to your personal success than Rebecca Corpuz. Rebecca‘s expertise is invaluable, and being taught by her is both a privilege and an honor, and a sure guide to you becoming the best trader you can be.